A nationwide strike broke out in this country! Millions of people marched in protest! Port operation

On January 24, local time, Argentina’s major trade unions, left-wing organizatio···

The American retail giant announced: layoffs! Close the store!

According to Reuters, on January 18, local time, the US department store chain M···

Detour is a foregone conclusion! Freight prices soar! Delays are frequent!

Over the past month, affected by the "Red Sea Crisis", shipping rates have risen···

"Dollar shortage"! The big North African country has no money to pay for the goods!

A few days ago, Kenyan Finance Minister Nedungu mentioned at a public event in t···

Big boat jam! There are about 126 cargo ships waiting! "Queue-jumping fee" 30 million yuan

The impact of the ongoing drought on the Panama Canal and global trade is escala···

Port operations collapse

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's report on the 11th local ···