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WUXI KINGFIT ENVIRONMENTAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to one-stop solutions for modern industrial and agricultural energy integration and customized intelligent artificial environment systems. Located in Lishui (WuXi province), KINGFIT’s leading-edge facilities cover an area of 80000m2, including a standard large-scale chiller performance test center, an enthalpy difference laboratory, a non-destructive testing laboratory and other advanced testing equipment. The production scale has an annual output of more than 20,000 sets.

Since its establishment, KINGFIT has actively advocated technological innovation, leading to more than 30 patents and multiple national awards and achievements, including the "National High-tech Enterprise", "WuXi Research Institute", "WuXi Excellence Brand", "WuXi Science and Technology Enterprise", "The first (set) product in the key field of WuXi's equipment manufacturing", "Aluminum Profile Outstanding Contribution Enterprise", "China Grain Storage Finalist", and other honors, leading to the preparation of the China Edible Fungus Association "Edible Fungus Environmental Unit" industry standard.

KINGFIT’s success relies on a deep understanding and fulfillment of its international customers’ needs, achieved through product modularization and on-demand customization. With more than 20 offices in China, we leverage the latest Internet-of-Things technology to monitor equipment in real time, realize remote warning, diagnosis and propose trouble-free solutions. The program provides customers with the most convenient services by maximizing cost control, and by deploying the most up-to-date equipment, it fully reflects our commitment to provide the highest efficiency while recycling and saving energy, reducing consumption and waste, to ensure the most significant mutual benefits when cooperating with our global clients. 

At present, KINGFIT’s products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe and America, being unanimously recognized and praised by both customers and industry’s prominent analysts, but we stay devoted to providing more energy-efficient and more accurate intelligent artificial environment systems for the modern industry and agriculture, sparing no effort to contribute to global energy conservation and consumption reduction.

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As a professional chiller unit manufacturer, Kingfit Group provides you with high-quality chiller cooling systems and heat pump.

Technological Innovation

With technological innovation as its competitive core, KINGFIT proudly uses its 12 invention patents, 10 utility model patents, and 11 computer software copyrights; we achieved ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate and CE Certificate.

Company Certifications

GB/T19001-2016, ISO9001:2015CE, 3C, CQC China Certificate For Energy Conservation Product Should you require further details about any or all our certifications, please feel free to contact us at once.

After-sales Service

Attentive and proactive after-sales service team, providing 24/7 service.

Our History

Our machines have been used in many fields, such as Rubber and Plastic, Food and Beverage, Air Conditioning and Metal Surface Treatment, etc.


In 1998,Jin Xiansong and Jin Songqing, two brothers founded a small repair centre for AC units and refrigerators in Shangtian,Wenzhou city.


In 2003,Wenzhou Qingfeng Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in ShiLiTing, Wenzhou city. Start the production of box type small water chillers.


In 2004,company name changed to Wenzhou Qingfeng Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Also it moved to YangFuShan,Wenzhou city. Mainly produce electroplating chillers, ice machines, screw chillers.Annual sales income about 1,000,000 USD.


In 2006,company moved to NanBaiXiang Wenzhou, expanded production and added new production equipments.


In 2007,company moved to the beautiful Lishui city from Wenzhou. The enterprise also registered changed to “Zhejiang Qingfeng Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Co.Ltd. Then company ran into the steady and rapid development period. During these time, company adopted the ISO9001, 6S, CE certification, the national level energy level (CQC) technical appraisal. In 2011 won the “national high tech enterprise”, 2012 sales revenue of 20,000,000 USD. To the number of employees reached 310 people in


In 2014, The enterprise registered changed to “Zhejiang KINGFIT Environment Co. Ltd. At the same time, it moved into new factory which has a single production workshop with 40,000 square meters. Until now, KINGFIT already has 8 high-tech production lines for manufacturing screw chillers & Maglev chillers,industrial chillers,climate control units,grain coolers,heat pump units,cold room cooling unit etc. Company has 27 domestic offices and products are exported to more than 60 countries around






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