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Kingfit has been committed to providing more energy-saving and intelligent artificial environment systems for modern industry and agriculture. Our equipment can meet all cooling, heating and energy-saving needs. Industrial chillers, variable frequency magnetic bearing chillers, screw chillers/heat pumps, and edible mushroom integrated machines are widely used in many industrial and agricultural fields. All machines can be customized according to your needs.

Magnetic Chiller

KingFit Magnetic Chillers provide high energy efficiency with a short payback period,we use Variable Speed High Efficiency which is utilized in managing the energy system of the water chillers. This means that you can save 40% or more energy. In addition, its refrigerant R134a with zero Ozone Depletion Potential makes it safe not only for personal use but also for the environment.

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Screw Chiller

Kingfit screw Chillers are known to be highly efficient and have high energy efficiency. For screw-style chillers, our industrial chillers assure you a low-profile design but with high-quality operations as we use famous brand compressors such as Bitzer, Comor, Hanbell, etc. Compared to other conventional chillers, our evaporation tubes are adopted with patented external threaded tubes which makes our chillers’ energy efficiency ratio up to 5.3.

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Scroll Chiller

Kingfit Scroll Chiller is the perfect choice for any processing needs that require accurate temperature control. It has high cooling efficiency air-cooled condenser and a high-efficiency stainless steel tank and copper coil evaporator for better collection of heat and cooling effect. Moreover, It is also easy to install and maintain which can save you from operational and maintenance costs!

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Heat Pump

Kingfit heat pump are widely used in various industrial, agricultural and commercial fields. Some heat pump's evaporators and condensers are made out of corrosion-resistant materials which provides anti-corrosion technology that can directly cool and heats the bath liquid. Moreover, we have a high technology system provided that it comes with industrial-grade intelligent temperature control in which in-person duties are not required anymore.

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About us


As a professional chiller unit manufacturer, Kingfit Group provides you with high-quality chiller cooling systems and heat pump. Our machines have been used in many fields, such as Rubber and Plastic, Food and Beverage, Air Conditioning and Metal Surface Treatment, etc.

At present, KINGFIT’s products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe and America, being unanimously recognized and praised by both customers and industry’s prominent analysts.

Technological Innovation

With technological innovation as its competitive core, KINGFIT proudly uses its 12 invention patents, 10 utility model patents, and 11 computer software copyrights.

Company Certifications

GB/T19001-2016, ISO9001:2015CE, 3C, CQC China Certificate For Energy Conservation Product Should you require further details about any or all our certifications, please feel free to contact us at once.

R&D Capabilities

As a national high-tech enterprise, for more than 2 decades KINGFIT has been dedicating its efforts to one-stop solutions for modern industrial and agricultural intelligent artificial environment systems.

After-sales Service

Attentive and proactive after-sales service team, providing 24/7 service.

The chiller is a high efficient direct cooling type. It has around 570kw cooling capacity. And this is HMI interface panel. From this we can adjust all parameters and control the chiller working easily.Generally, this chiller is good performance.

From Tony

PT Maspion Indonesia

We use it (Mushroom mobile type cooling machine) for backup and additional cooling in several mushroom farms in Nederlands. Super happy!

From John

Verbruggen, Netherlands

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