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General question

  1.  What's the      benefits of using a Kingfit chiller in plastic processing? √

The Kingfit Chiller is a stable and durable plastic chiller that is energy efficient. It features intelligent control that allows you to set the desired temperature for the most efficient production.

  1.  What's the range of outlet temperature?

-30°C to 120°C


  1.  How often do I need to clean the heat      exchanger?

3 months to 6 months, depending on the quality of water.


  1.  Which programmable controller on a      Kingfit chiller?
    Siemens PLC.


  1. What      kind of gas does your machine use?

We use gas R22,R410A,R407C and R134A.

R22, a common form of a refrigerant used for cooling air in an air conditioning system.

R410A consists of two different gasses, and it has a constant boiling point. Because of that, refilling a pressure vessel with R410A should be relatively easy and without any leakage. and it's more environment friendly than that of R22.

R407C is a kind of the environmental protection refrigerant that does not destroy the ozone layer.

R134a is being used as a replacement for R-12 CFC refrigerant in the area of centrifugal, rotary screw, scroll and reciprocating compressors. It is safe for normal handling as it is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive.

  1. What kind of information should I send for an offer?

To get the latest offer and information on our grain chiller kindly send us the following:

-       Email Address

-       Location of the company

-       Queries


2.    About Kingfit

1. I have never heard of Kingfit before. Are you a new brand?√

Kingfit was established in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China in 1998. After more than 20 years of development and growth, we are now based in the beautiful Lishui, Zhejiang, and continue to expand to the three major markets of industry, commerce and agriculture, providing global customers with a large number of intelligent and energy-saving agricultural climates Solutions, temperature solutions and air conditioning systems for various industries.

At present, our team consists of hundreds of passionate professionals, and we invest a lot of money in research and development every year to develop new products to meet the ever-changing needs of customers in different industries.

FAW Group, Midea, Supor, CHNT, etc. are all our partners.

2. Where is the Kingfit factory located?

Our factory is located in Lishui, Zhejiang, China, and we have agents in Thailand, Australia, Algeria, the Netherlands, Bangladesh and other countries. Our products are also exported to the United States, France, Mexico, Russia, Malaysia and other 65 countries.



3. Do you have an agent or service team in our country?

We have agents in Australia,Thailand,Turkey,Sweden,Nepal and Algeria. If you are from these countries,you can contact our agents,they will help you arrange transportation,customs clearance,installation and service for you.

Or you can contact us directly, we will provide a 24/7 online service. Our email is tracy@kingfit.cc.


3.    Payment & Services

1.     Can Kingfit provide OEM and ODM service?√

Yes, both we can.

We are very honored to be your OEM, and we have a first-class production team in China that can serve you. We also attach great importance to the spirit of contract, and you can rest assured to cooperate with us.

We are the supplier of many Chinese and overseas brands, and we are also very professional in this regard. We must be an ODM  worthy of your confidence, and we can customize your chillers according to your needs.

2.    How can we install the machines at the site? Will you arrange engineers for overseas service?

We will send the installation drawing and the manual to you. Then we will provide a technical guide online after the machine arrives at site.

We are so sorry that we can not arrange engineers for oversea markets by now, but don’t worry we will always be online to support your local engineer team.

3.    What is the warranty of your machine and after-sales service details?

All our machines are warranted for one year after shipment. If it is a quality problem, we will provide the damaged parts for free within one year, but the shipping cost is borne by the customer. After the one-year warranty period, the customer will need to pay all related costs.

4.    What are the terms of payment?

By T/T, LC etc.

5.    Can Kingfit offer custom service?


6.    If we have a technical problem, how should we act?

Don't worry, we will be online 24 hours a day to solve your technical problems as quickly as possible. If necessary, we can also arrange remote control to help you solve the problem.


1.    About Product

1. 1 Main Product √

1.    What's the features of a magnetic bearing compressor compared with a screw compressor?

The magnetic bearings allow the compressor to operate without the use of oil for lubrication, which reduces energy losses due to friction and increases the heat transfer efficiency of the chiller, because no oil enters the evaporator or the condenser. A variable speed drive on the motor allows the compressor to operate much more efficiently at partial loads than standard compressors. The oil-free system also eliminates the need for oil maintenance, resulting in operations and maintenance savings.

A screw chiller is a liquid chiller that uses two rotating helical screws to provide the needed pressure to drive the vapor-compression refrigeration process. The chiller is designed with a screw compressor as the main engine. The screw chiller technology in the industry is mature, and it is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, refrigeration, engineering construction, etc. They are available as both air-cooled and water-cooled models.

2.      What type of maintenance does a magnetic bearing chiller need?

Basic maintenance should begin with quarterly inspections per the manufacturer’s operations manual. Maintenance technicians should inspect for condenser cleaning each season, refrigerant leaks check, pressures, and temperatures regularly.


In addition, because the Magnetic bearing chillers have fewer moving parts they require no oil, nor oil-circulation equipment, and therefore require less maintenance and service. Over the life of the equipment – approximately 20 to 25 years – the total maintenance savings could be significant.

3.      What's the cooling capacity of the magnetic bearing chiller do you have?

Available from 100 to 1000 tons, the Kingfit Magnetic bearing chiller offers the most comprehensive size range of oil-free magnetic bearing chillers.

4.      Is this chillers variable speed control?

Yes. Kingfit offers a VSC chiller. Increased operating efficiencies, decreased energy consumption and lower operating costs are the primary benefits of specifying variable speed control (VSCs). However, those are just a few of the many advantages they bring to bear.


1.2  Rubber and Plastic√

1.  What's the benefits of using a Kingfit chiller in plastic processing?

The Kingfit Chiller is a stable and durable plastic chiller that is energy efficient. It features intelligent control that allows you to set the desired temperature for the most efficient production.

2.  Is it possible to add one or two extra input output ports?
Yes, we can add a diverter valve for you. And one chiller can service four plastic injection machines.

1.3  Food and Beverage√

1. What’s the min. Outlet temperature?
Kingfit glycol chiller minimum outlet temperature -30deg. c.

2. What type of glycol should I use?
We recommend 100% ethylene glycol at a mix rate of 1 part glycol to 2 to 3 parts distilled water. The concentration is about 25% to 30%.

3. How often should I change the glycol solution?
As good practice to maintain your glycol chiller, we recommend changing the glycol solution out twice per year.

1.4   Air conditioning√

1. Can you provide a turnkey project for my building?

We can provide water chillers, heat pumps, and AHU which are only required for the AC system.

2. What type of machines do you have?

Kingfit manufactures machines such as magnetic bearing chiller, screw chiller, air-cooled scroll chiller, and modular type heat pump units.

3.We also need a machine with a heating function, what is the max water temperature?

Max heating to 55deg.c. Welcome to contact us at any time. We will try our best to fulfill your needs, our email is tracy@kingfit.cc.


4.Our ambient temperature is very high, will reach 50deg.c, will your chiller work in such a hot area?

Yes, we can make a special design to meet the requirement. Please feel free to contact us, we will arrange professional personnel to communicate with you.

5.Our outdoor temperature in winter is extremely low, what is min outdoor temperature can your chiller work?

Min temperature -25deg.c. Looking forward to your contact with us and communicating more product details.

1.5  Metal surface treatment√

1  What’s the meaning of “direct cooling chiller”
The heat exchanger is made up of corrosion resistant materials, the chemical solution can be directly cooled down in a chiller, no need for an extra plate heat exchanger.

2.  What’s the advantages of “direct cooling”?
A. Improve heat exchange rate.
B. Reduce power consumption of pump.
C. Save investment of equipment: plate heat exchanger and circulating pump.

3. How to determine the size of the chiller for my metal finishing operation?
Please check the chiller size according to the following formula:
1) Obtain output of the rectifier (amp & voltage).
2) Estimated chiller size you need for your application, cooling capacity KW = Amps x Voltage.

1.6  Chemical Industry√

1.      Why does process cooling work in the Chemical industry?
Overheating equipment may cause material damage. Processing cooling is used in this case to cool the equipment in order to protect both the equipment and the materials while maintaining the desired operating temperatures for the industrial process.


 1.7  Indoor Farming√

1. What practical applications do you have for Kingfit Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Chiller in indoor farming?

At present, in the field of indoor farming, Kingfit Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Chiller is the most used in the mushroom farm cooling system, and we are also the most professional in this field. In fact, our products are used in many different types of indoor planting, such as hemp planting, vegetable planting, etc. We can customize suitable chillers for your needs.

This chiller is a high-tech product, 40% more energy saving than normal screw chillers and doesn't need service every year because it is an oil free chiller.

2.What kinds of machines do you have related to mushroom growing?

We have water chillers, air handling units, climate control all in one machine,cold room cooling unit and mobile coolers for mushroom farms.

3.What functions does a climate control machine all in one machine have?

This machine has functions of cooling, heating, humidity control, CO2 level auto control and light control.

4.How much area can your machine cover?

We have different models of climate units and AHU for different sizes of grow rooms. Please contact us with your grow room information for the right machine.

5.What kind of mushrooms can use your machine?

Our machine can be used for various kinds of mushrooms growing,like button mushroom, straw mushroom, oyster, shiitake, eryngii, enoki, lion’s mane mushroom, shimeji, Nameko, Cordyceps militaris, Milky mushroom ect..

6.Can we use it for other plants growing?

Yes, it also can be used for Cannabis, fruits and vegetables indoor farming.



1.8  Cold rooms√

           1. Can you make a complete cold room or only an equipment part?

We are fully capable of making a complete cold room, and we can also make product settings according to your needs

2. What is the temperature range of cold rooms?

a.    Temperature -5deg. c to 5deg. C for fruits and vegetables.

b.    Temperature -18deg. C for frozen meat, frozen fish etc.

c.     Temperature -40deg. C to -35deg.C freezer.


3.What kind of cold room panels will you use?

The length series of insulation panel from 2000mm to 20000mm, includes 2m, 2.2m, 2.4m, 2.8m, 3.2m, 3.6m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m, 20m, etc.

The width series of panel: 240mm, 480mm and 960mm for option.

The thickness of panel: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm for options.

We can also make special on-demand panels based on special requirements from our customers.


4.Will a chiller room need the floor panel?

It depends on the application. Some rooms need floor panels. Some of them will be cement ground.

5.How to install a cold room?

We will send the installation drawing and the manual to you. Then we will provide a technical guide online after the machine arrives at site. It won't be difficult, and we'll be there for you 24 hours online.

6.How much does it cost for a small cold room?

Please feel free to contact us, we will arrange professional personnel to communicate with you.


7.Which brand of compressor do you use for your cooling unit?

Copeland, Bitzer etc.


8.Can I put the cold room outdoors, outside of the building?

For the purpose of protecting the cold room, it is best not to expose the cold room in the open air. Or you’d better make a roof for your cold room.

1.9  Grain Cold Storage√

1.  What is this machine used for?

The grain chiller is a cooling system that "treats" the temperature and relative humidity of the external air.


Grain cooling through cooled and dehumidified air blowing, allows the rapid lowering of temperatures, thus preventing the spread of mold, toxins, mycotoxins, aflatoxins, bacterial flora, insects, significantly slowing the metabolism of the grain itself.

2.How many tons of product can your grain chiller handle?

The Kingfit Grain Chiller has a cooling capacity of 38 kw to 139 kw. It can handle 1000Ton to 3000Ton grain silos or grain warehouses.

3.How does your grain chiller work?

Kingfit Grain chillers can be used to reduce the temperature of the grain when outside temperatures are above 20°C. Grain chillers reduce the temperature and moisture of air used to aerate the grain. Once grain is chilled it remains cool for extended periods, due to its natural insulating properties.

4.Do I need a blower after buying your grain chiller?

No need for a separate blower when you have our Grain Chiller , because it is built with a frequency inverter automatic air blower, air pressure 2000Pa.

5.Is this grain chiller with a dehumidification function? What is the min. humidity that I can control?

Yes, our Grain chiller has a dehumidification function and the minimum humidity is  65 %.

6.What is the min temperature that this machine controls?

It has an outlet temperature ranging from 7°C to 18°C.

7.Should I always run this machine in summer?

Grain checking is very important during the summer because grain is being held at higher temperatures and aeration conditions are less favorable than during the rest of the year. Grain temperatures need to be checked and recorded on a regular basis. Insect activity is also at a peak during the summer, and frequent checking is required if infestations are to be controlled before they develop into major problems.

Regardless of the time of year it is best to maintain grain temperatures within 15-20°C of the average monthly temperature.

After reach the required temperature, you can stop this machine, and run it again after temperature raise. So you can use one unit cooling several grain silos.