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Screw Style Industrial Chiller

A screw style industrial chiller is a type of chiller designed for use in industrial applications, such as manufacturing facilities or large commercial buildings.

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A screw style industrial chiller is a type of chiller designed for use in industrial applications, such as manufacturing facilities or large commercial buildings. It uses a screw compressor to cool water or other fluids and is capable of handling high heat loads and providing precise temperature control.

Industrial chillers are typically larger and more powerful than their commercial counterparts, and can cool much larger volumes of fluid. Screw style industrial chillers are commonly used in applications such as process cooling, food and beverage processing, plastics manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production.

The screw compressor used in an industrial chiller is typically a larger and more powerful version of the compressor used in commercial chillers. It operates using two interlocking rotors that compress the refrigerant or coolant and can handle high volumes of fluid and high heat loads. Industrial chillers may also feature multiple compressors to provide redundancy and backup in case of a failure.

Screw style industrial chillers are known for their high energy efficiency, low noise levels, and ability to provide precise temperature control. They can be designed with a variety of features to meet the specific needs of different applications, such as multiple circuits for different cooling needs, variable frequency drives to adjust compressor speed, and advanced controls to optimize performance and reduce energy consumption.

Here are some of the product features of a typical screw-style industrial chiller:


Screw compressor: The chiller uses a screw compressor to compress the refrigerant gas and move it through the system. This compressor is more efficient and has a longer lifespan than other compressor types.

Energy efficiency: The chiller is designed to be highly energy efficient and uses a variable speed drive to adjust the compressor's speed and reduce energy consumption.

Cooling capacity: The chiller has a high cooling capacity and can provide cooling in the range of 100 to 5,000 tons or more. This makes it ideal for large commercial and industrial applications.

Low noise level: The chiller operates quietly, with noise levels typically below 75 dB.

Refrigerant: The chiller uses a non-ozone depleting refrigerant such as R134a or R410a, which is environmentally friendly and safe.

Control system: The chiller is equipped with a user-friendly control system that allows operators to adjust and monitor the chiller's performance and operation.

Safety features: The chiller is equipped with safety features such as low refrigerant pressure and high-temperature alarms, and automatic shut-off in case of a fault.

Easy maintenance: The chiller is designed for easy maintenance with features such as removable panels and access doors, and a self-diagnostic system that helps identify problems and faults quickly.

Cooling   capacity667KW777KW910KW1026KW1083KW1334KW1553KW2053KW
Input   Power127.4KW146.8KW172.9KW194.4KW211.6KW255KW293.6KW389KW
Remarks: 1.   Evaporator: inlet water temperature at 12 ℃, outlet water temperature 7℃;
2. Condenser: inlet   water temperature at 30℃, outlet water temperature at 35℃;
3. The above   parameters are subject to change without notice, please refer to the   actual chillers.
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